2010 Christmas message

Hi there ya'll!

It's nearly time to decide on your New Year's Resolutions!

You could consider eating healthier or  maybe exercising more. Maybe you're going to cut back on your bad habits and improve on your best. Or, maybe you're going to start adding to your savings account every time you get a bonus, rather than finding something to spend it on!

I have a New Year's Resolution you absolutely must consider putting above all those, so, number 1 on your list.

Find out what it is by watching my newly released Christmas message Video, filmed last weekend during the heavy snow.

Watch the video here.

Here's a hint: Charles Darwin said that survival goes not to the member of the species who is the smartest or strongest, but to the one who is the most able to adapt to change.

I bet you're wondering how this hint ties into what I believe is a crucial New Year's Resolution for people like you and me —people who are really looking forward to creating positive change in their lives forever.

Watch my Christmas Video to learn more!

I know it's not always easy to come up with a New Year's Resolution that:

a) you know you can keep!

b) you know will make a positive impact on your life.

And that's why I'm sharing what I regard as a critical Resolution.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Here's To Your Success—This Year and Next...


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  1. Kerry Russell
    7 years ago

    Hey Wayne,

    Great video! The only resolution I have for 2011 is to do more of the things that brought great results for my online business in 2010. Once my business takes off I can then improve the life of those closest to me. Especially my daughter. All the best for 2011 and may it be a successful one for us all.

    Kerry Russell
    Kerry Russell recently posted..Great News! Made That First Sale


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Kerry,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    You appear to have the same motivation as me…children! That’s the best incentive you & I need, so keep up the good work and remember your faith.

    Come back & see us again soon.

    best regards



  2. Cheekeong Tan
    7 years ago

    Dear Wayne,

    Every year people make new year resolutions and every year end people get disappointed on not achieving them. Instead of making a list of resolutions, i suggest having a definite chief aim without putting a time limit on it. If you put a certain time limit, doubt is going to creep in and having too many goals can get you distracted. So focus, focus, focus on your chief aim and you’ll alright.

    Cheekeong Tan recently posted..Golden Voice Ted Williams Uses Law of Attraction


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Cheekeong,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    You are very right. The power of focus beats everything because that’s what makes goals happen. The trouble is, is that many people get disenchanted and run out of steam, so the pace must be kept going at all cost…

    Come by anytime…

    best regards



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