5 activities to make more money in 2013


The quietness of the Christmas break allows me to reflect not only on the outgoing year but also to outline a plan for attack Quarter 1 2013.

It begins by looking back on my journal and identifying what worked and what didn't. What had the biggest impact and what areas I should let go.

John Assaraf, whom I greatly admire said:

 "In 2013 make a commitment to DO MORE of what you love, LESS of what you tolerate and NONE of what you hate doing."

So, all that remains is to map out the 5 things that will make me more money in 2013:

  • Make more products.

Here's the thing. Making and selling your own products makes sense from several viewpoints. From controlling quality control through to list building, building an affiliate army and new JV opportunities and many more. The key to success in IM is product creation and I plan to more of the same with Kindle (in fact) for Q1.

  • Building your list.

Don't underestimate this aspect of IM.  Whilst you are learning, you must begin building a list. Newbie's, get a PLR ebook and give it away whilst you are in 'IM University'. The smart IM'ers out there learn from other people's mistakes. I sadly did this and I still regret it because I was total a perfectionist, which in fact held me back. You have got to realise that success is a journey, not a destination... 😉

  • Traffic conversion. 

Check out my blog post on 'The Sales Funnel' here. Essentially, people generally spend too much time getting traffic... and not enough time making sure that their efforts convert. Why is conversion important? Well apart from the obvious...more money, you could earn more profit per subscriber, generate a raving army of fans (if your product is good) and almost more importantly, you'll be able to build an army of affiliates, who'll promote you to their lists.

On the subject of lists, people are on many these days, so are pretty picky about giving their names and email address out. Therefore, your initial 'free' offer must be compelling enough to facilitate an equal exchange. Be prepared though for the freebies seekers (you know who you are).  😛

  • Your Networks.

Online IM'ers are a funny breed. Many prefer to hold onto their comfort blanket of sitting in their Ivory Tower and not making associations with anybody in the outside world.

Take it from me, the Human Race thrives on contact. If you doubt what I say, take 5 minutes to look at some Monkey footage on the web (in their natural habitat) and you'll see absolutely loads of interaction. These are our closest relatives and indeed, is how we started out. Somehow, we've just lost the ability to chat and prefer the solitude of our offices and Social Media to communicate...wth?

Do one thing this year and find other IM'ers like you. Meet up and share ideas, work some JV stuff and generally make some new friends. I know you find this bit tough...but the rewards will be worth it.

By the way, everyone has a problem with their self image. That means doubts about looks, abilities, skills etc etc... Can I suggest you look up Dr. Maxwell Maltz and his book Psycho-Cybernetics to prove it.

You can do so much, "...it's your thinking that makes it so".

Ralph Waldo Trine

  • Self Development.

Those who are involved with me through joefizz inner circle know how much I value ongoing learning. The mind is like a muscle and the more you exercise it, the healthier it will be. That means being sharp with ideas and actually making them happen.  I personally don't watch too much TV. Instead, I'll sit through my 'stuff' in the home office and busily plan away in my little black book.

I hope the above can help you?

How are you plans shaping for 2013?




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