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I honestly can't believe that I am posting this on 1st February. Where has January gone?

Been busy here (as ever) in joefizz hq with year end reviews, 2013 goal setting and planning as well as helping students leapfrog the IM process. To be fair, I have also added to my Kindle collection too... check my work out here:


I guess the above is a current theme for everyone as we all struggle with 'balls in the air'. Discussions with my students emphasises that people are struggling with large 'to do' lists, which does lead to overwhelm.  So, how do we manage that?

Time Management is a whole subject in itself, so I won't go on too much...there's plenty out there, but for me:

Arrange your tasks into 4 headings...

  • Do
  • Delegate
  • Diarise
  • Dump

This will instantly clear the clutter from your desk ...and mind!

Ok, next stage is to prioritise your 'Do' pile.

Arrange your items into IMPORTANT first...not urgent! This is where a lot of people come stuck... They do what's shouting out of the email 'inbox'... don't do that. 😉

How to prioritise that pile? ...

... simple, do the things that will take you closer to your goals or worthy ideal first! Everything elae can be done later...or, not at all! If you do this every day, then I guarantee that your performance will increase!

Finally, by taking action, you'll drive yourself ahead of your peers and not be one of the 98% of people who fail online.

So, do it today!

Hope this helps you in your pursuit of success?





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