A guide for Newbies…

Hey there,

Being asked quite a lot at the moment regarding 'how to get started in IM'.

So, I went through my vault and found this little baby, which is right on the money. Have a look and let me know what you think....

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  1. Ellen Robinson
    7 years ago

    Thanks for these free videos Wayne. Nice one you got there.


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Thanks Ellen, you are too kind… no seriously!!

    Please come back and see us again…we appreciate it!

    best regards



  2. Tina Lindgren
    7 years ago

    Hi Joe
    Great video , I like the fact that you cover personal development, law of attraction, making plans, and brand your self as honest.

    This is indeed what all newbies need to learn, if they truly want to start a business online.

    I wish a course like yours was available when I was a neewbie 🙂

    God luck with your program
    Tina Lindgren recently posted..Building a business from ground zero – now the fundamental is coming along!


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Tina

    Thanks for coming by… and for the lovely feedback.

    I agree, so often the additional things like planning are overlooked, so it is essential to start your career in IM on a proper footing!

    See you again soon.

    Thanks again



  3. Bolaji
    7 years ago

    Way to go, Joe!

    Useful video indeed.

    I’d LOVE to see much more video from you… let me know how I can help at any point.


    Bolaji recently posted..Answering The Call


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Bolaji,

    Wow, that’s a compliment indeed from the King of Video. I certainly look to learn more from you in this direction, but thanks anyway.

    As always, thanks for popping over…it is appreciated.

    best regards



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