A prayer to the Internet Marketing God.

Hi everyone

This is going to be brief... My useless ex-wife, who 'can't be bothered' to do much because ..."life's too short" (you know the kind), poked fun at my IM efforts last night.

She described my blogging efforts as writing stories and raised her eyes in disgust as if to say "what a waste of time"...

Well, I am going to make her eat those unkind words a thousand times over one day, but to help me along ... I thought I'd devise a prayer to help.

Guide me, oh thy great IM redeemer,

To the road signposted 'Financial freedom',

Liberate me from this crap I'm in,

And from the doubter known as my Ex Misses!

Lead, point, push or shove me to the way...

Your loyal & dedicated servant as always.


Here's the things...I have no hesitation in knowing that I will be a big success because I do all the right things and had a great mentor...it just takes time. However, the net is closing and am beginning to struggle.

HMS Joefizz has sprung a leak and ... it's big.

So, the only thing I haven't done is ask for divine help.... so here it is. By the way it's for us all!

Good luck!


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  1. Jason Ser
    8 years ago

    Hi Joe,
    My opinion is kind of different from Giofranco.

    We don’t have to proof to anyone for what we are doing.
    Is none of her business anyway.

    We all have the gift of free will to do what we want in life.

    You choose to do something different!
    You choose to create real value to this world!
    You choose to live out your life!

    I will share with you a conversation I had once with my Taiwan born spiritual father, he is an ex-pastor writer who wrote a Chinese book talking about Emotional Hurt that Chinese parents tend to give to their kids, in disguise of “love” and For-Your-Own-Good kind of crap.

    “Everyone seems so desperate for their kids to score 100 points and be a winner these days(He was referring particularly to the Chinese people). If a kid score 90 , parents will tell him that is not good enough as is not 100% yet?Come on, the kid do put an effort for the 90pts! Even if he score only 60, that’s an effort , too! ”

    “So what if he put in an effort and he score Zero!? I asked

    He answered:
    “There is no such things as Zero, he still make an difference because he took action and put in his effort as compare to those who did nothing.”

    Jason Ser


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Jason

    Thanks for getting in touch again.

    Your spiritual father is a diamond! I agree with him wholehearedly. Only recently, I was discussing forthcoming school exams to my 12 year old daughter who was becoming overwhelmed by the thought of them when her friend was swotting 4 hours a night because of parental pressure!

    My thoughts were and still are give it your best shot with 1 hour. The exam marks are only a small part in this big life we lead….she slept that night quite well!

    Keep in touch…

    best regards



  2. Peter Beckenham
    8 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    Hang in there mate.

    All of us at one time or another have felt that our progress is too slow or that we just don’t know what else we can do to reach our goals quicker!

    You are not alone!

    If you have not done so go back to our start and re-visit “forward to basics”.

    It’s so important that when doubters put negative thoughts or fear of failure in front of us to remember that it’s OUR PLAN and no one elses.

    So forget all the crap around you and visualize your goals…I mean really visualize them so that they are real and contain the passion and excitement and success you seek.

    Are your plans doing this for you? Do your daily tasks focus on making these goals?

    Joe no one can stop you from succeeding if you truly want it bad enough and I can see from your words the passion is still there. It’s your future, your passion so go and do the things you need to do and things will happen mate.

    Give yourself time and maybe give yourself a break…go fishing or whatever and get away from the PC. Refresh yourself and re-discover your real goals in life.

    No one succeeds without any pain so just go for it with all the passion and commitment you can muster….and you will win!


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks so much for those very kind words.

    Truth is, is that I have been working flat out (sometimes up to 17 hours a day) so the pain is very evident. 🙁

    You are right, a break wouldn’t go amis. But, I have a membership site launch coming up and am preparing for that. I will however go back to ‘forward to basics’ just to see if there is anything else I can do to keep me energised & re focused.

    Thanks again Peter, you’ve been inspirational!!

    best regards & good luck yourself.



  3. Giofranco
    8 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    This is an amazing post, and funny enough I can relate to that.

    We need to prove them wrong.

    I would like so much my son to dig the power of setting up an online venture and

    follow me, no chance.

    Be it so with them, we’re on our path.



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Giofranco

    Thanks for stopping by!

    You know… I really wished that I’d had a guiding hand at a young age. Someone to help me think around the ‘9-5’ life most of the population leads. You son doesn’t know how lucky he is!

    The other thing of course with growing up is, children don’t want advice… particularly when its from a parent eh?

    Keep going my friend….he will see the light…eventually!

    Thanks again for your kind words.



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