A small step for Internet Marketing, a big step for Joefizz

OMG, what a couple of weeks this has been.

I have always considered myself to be a reasonably savvy guy as far as computers were concerned. But this was a recipe for disaster, here are the ingredients:

Take one new WordPress and its lovely plug-ins, tools and settings

Add Twitter with its Tweet, made worse when you realize the name joefizz had gone to another (John Smith I hate you)

Finally, add one brand new Profit Pulling Platform complete with full video tutorial.

Mix together with the the hours of work a junior Doctor would be proud of and VOILA! Disaster.

Unfortunately, in my eagerness to get on I had missed the point about needing 2 domain names. So for a time yesterday, Joefizz.com was the home of Alex Jefferies' List Building System. Lovely, but in the wrong place... just your Gran.

So, with the help of a genius and I say again, genuis (thank you Garry), I was able to remove the offending file and get my Blog back...phew (mind you, not until after I had told some friends about my super duper new blog....not there). I have now purchased another Domain so my challenge will begin tomorrow night again. I think I could qualify for a Mr Bean award?

Anyway, just to let you know that I am really, really excited by all of this. Not only am I learning something completely strange but am making new contacts, which I hope become friends. My key desire though is to secure a better future for me and my children. Financial freedom is my goal.

In that regard, I have written a book (as mentioned previously in blog no.1) on how to bring up kids successfully. I have 3 lovely children, all different and unique. The thing is, you change your parenting style as you go along but it would have been nice to get some advice on some key issues as they grew up . It should therefore be a guide to help new parents, provide advice to despairing parents and also give tips and ideas to parents who perhaps  don't go the extra mile for their kids. My ethos in the book is that you don't want to look back in 30 years and regret being the type of parent you were. It's time to act!

So its 11 Chapters, covers topics such as the importance of food, sleep and love through to how to be creative, why play is important, developing thinking skills, respect, family traditions, adulthood and money and taking care of you. Each Chapter is broken down into bite size chunks containing 15 questions I have answered.

The next stage is to see if I can get it published and I am close to starting this process off. If anyone has any contacts in the book industry, I am all ears!

That's it for tonight. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I might take on the 'IT monster' again next time by doing a video blog! Duw there's posh!

Until next time.

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  1. Jason Ser
    8 years ago

    Hi Joe,
    Awesome post! I am not a parent yet but have a”thing” for kids.
    It is just 5 years ago when I partner with a friend of mine to start
    an English Studio in Taiwan teaching Primary School Kids English
    from playing games.

    The Kids love me and I love all of them. Most of their parent were
    amazed on how I connected with their Kids, yet they never seems to
    understand what the Kid really need. I can still remember a couple that
    works like 15 hours everyday in the IT segment. Both are in Management
    Position, well educated and live in BIG houses, but their daughter and son
    are not really happy cause they rarely spend time with their mom and dad.

    They are simply too tied up at their career!

    I ended up spending more effort and time trying to teach their parent
    about the importance of spending regular time with their kids

    The business was forced to close down when my Mom in Singapore
    suffered complication from her diabetes disease and I need to have
    a higher income to meet her medical expense, not to mentioned the
    debt I am in.

    But still, some of the happiest moment of my life are from them.

    Can’t wait to see your book.


    Jason Ser


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for getting in touch and making those lovely comments.

    You know that’s the thing. The basis of my book is to be a better parent and not regret looking back on how you brought up the children. It really is a guide from someone who has 3 lovely kids & a whole load of friend’s kids…. so experienced!

    I really hope you decide to have children one day. You need that special connection to be the best parent you can!

    Keep in touch.

    best regards



  2. John Davies
    8 years ago

    Hi Wayne
    Read your first blogs. Good luck with your new projects someone withyour commitment deserves success.




    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi John

    Thanks mate, I sure hope so! Stay with me on my journey?




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