You already know the pattern for 'stuff' when getting started in Internet Marketing. You know, start blog page, get an offer etc, etc. Well part of the suggested journey is taking part in Giveaways. Let me get this of my chest right away...I hate giveaways!

Why? well, where do I start...

1. Lets begin with the crap software that everyone seems to use and accept. Come on someone, there's a software sales opportunity here...
2. I feel like its a game of golf. Full of etiquette bullshit and devoid of any politeness to you. Phrases like, "you must promote or you will be downgraded"...argh..bugger off!
3. For my part it appears to be a massive scrum, with too many products available to successfully target. So, the good stuff can go amiss?
4. For those starting out, they either only have 1 product to promote or cannot afford the upgrade (and therefore miss the opportunity for better stuff).
5. But here's the thing....the quality of subscriber is very suspect. Again, in my opinion, people must use a special one off adswap email address that gets deleted periodically. Is there any point therefore, in having them on your list....

Rant over.

Right, let's turn this post positive....Adswaps! If you again take the model journey in IM, it is recommend that you enter into adswaps when you have at least 500 on your list. Well, if you have an aversion to Giveaways like I do, that may have been a challenge.

However, here's the thing. Internet Marketers are on the whole a helpful bunch. So, my opinion is...if you don't ask, you don't get! That doesn't mean taking the proverbial with their goodwill. What I have done is as follows:

1. Found good forums, such as Warrior Forum and, and posted honest requests for swaps. In those forms I noted my insubstantial lists and offered a smaller exchange on their list or a multi mailing to mine.
2. In some cases, I have offered some other services, which are my strengths in return. What could you offer?
3. The third thing I have done is respond to Adswap requests in abundance. The worst they could say is no!
4. Build myself up as a long term, reliable partner, whom will be available for many mutually convenient exchanges in the future. How can you do that? Well correspond with people in a timely fashion, give feedback on exchanges and identify what worked and what didn't. Basically, communicate brilliantly! Go the extra mile...

You will be amazed what people will do for just ask!

One word of warning, like everything in life ... there are unreliable people in this arena too. So, how do I protect myself? I have a spreadsheet that I record my requests in, with names, dates, numbers and successes. One of the columns is entitled 'reliable?'. Those who are not reliable, are given a wide berth because they reap what they sow. Treat people like you like to be treated, that what I say!

So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so begin today, building the list of your dreams. You'll be glad you did.



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  1. ellen robinson
    7 years ago

    No problem Wayne, thanks for telling us… More power always…


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Yes to the lovely people like you and I.

    To infinite and beyond, eh?

    Best regards



  2. ellen robinson
    7 years ago

    Tell you what Wayne, I hate golf too. And if it’s like what you described, jezz, I should hope I wouldn’t be at the middle on all of these and the subject of these craps.


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Ellen, thanks for stopping by!

    Take my advice…stay away from them! Well, at least until they decide to get polite!

    Good luck and thanks again for commenting.



  3. Kate
    7 years ago

    This post has given a rounded view of exactly what to expect with Adswaps. It’s sad that it is so true as beginners who may have a small but responsive list end up losing out on potentially very good opportunities. I believe the dishonest ones will get what’s coming to them eventually.


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Kate

    Thanks for popping across and commenting…

    I agree, this is a valuable way forward that newbies should try and exploit more!

    Indeed, the law of cause and effect does work…even eventually!

    Best regards



  4. Kevin V
    7 years ago

    Warrior Forum is a nice site to network and connect with the guys in the IM industry. It’s true and I agree with you.. there are good and bad people in every business.. always got to keep your head up and be caution on decision you make..

    BTW Very inspiring closing Joe!


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for stopping by! You are a gent…

    I agree WF is great place to interact with. Sometimes feel out of my depth, but on the whole its a wonderful arena.

    Wow, thanks for the feedback Kevin, that’s very kind. Glad to have inspired you…

    Come back to see us very soon.




  5. Bolaji
    7 years ago

    What’s up, Joe Fizzy!!

    Veeery interesting post. I suspect the MWA folks will have lots of opinions on this!

    The AdSwap industry helped a lot of folks build very large lists over the past few years . But word on the street is that the tactic has been overrun by scoundrels, hustlers, and cheats. Making it difficult on the honest marketers (such as yourself) to get good swaps.

    I’m glad to hear that it’s been working for you.

    I’d love to hear more detail on your AdSwap escapades. Maybe a case study example of what you did, and the percentage list growth you experienced?

    As for Giveaways, I too do not like the downgrading when you don’t get someone registered in. A lot of giveaways do this, but not all.

    I happen to not be building an IM list, so promoting giveaways regularly to my list isn’t something that would be a good fit for my list. So my options (if I don’t promote to my list), would be to promote to safe lists, promote on Twitter, or maybe promote in an IM-specific forum, to my IM friends who are already planning to participate.

    Anyway, every Marketer has to pick the tactic that works best for him/her, and run with that.

    All the best!

    Looking forward to opinions on both sides of the argument.

    Bolaji recently posted..Story Your Life As An EPIC- The MacGuffin- Episode 4


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Boooooolaji…thanks for stopping by.

    Good response my friend, you have picked out the bones precisely.

    I try to be very careful in setting up exchanges… and if I feel that my efforts are not being duplicated the other side (l look for small things), then I withdraw the mail from Aweber.

    Communication and transparency are key in making long term relationships. I hope I will figure in many more exchanges in the future with the people I have already done business with. The other thing is to look for feedback on people who are approaching you. What was their experience like etc?

    In one event, I gained 10 new subscribers from a very small list that was mailed…so the % game is excellent.

    Keep in touch B and thanks again,




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