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Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving last week?

I don't usually blog on a Monday... but had some brilliant news that I could not possibly keep until Friday.

What's that news?

Well in both the UK & USA, I am officially a Kindle Best Seller! Note, now a double best seller... see below!

picture-amazon-best-seller copy



Wayne Evans is an amazon.bestseller

Thank you!  :mrgreen:

This was achieved through this ebook:

Christmas Ideas

christmas ideas by wayne evans






You can get it free until 5th December - USA  or UK .

How did I do it?  I followed a pre-prepared plan that also led me to number 2 with The Missing Link of The Law of Attraction.

You may remember a few weeks ago, I offered you a chance to get a 1-2-1 scheduled so that I could go through your Kindle eBook marketing? Well I am again offering that chance today:

If you have Kindle book that's under performing, then $99 is a small price to pay. If you are not a Kindle author.... then get going! Kindle's growth has been phenomenal... and will continue to be so!

Thanks for allowing me to share my good news to you.




P.S. Later addendum... the second best seller is 'The Missing Link in the Law of Attraction'... No 1 in Canada. Y-I-P-P-E-E! Thank you Canada!

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  1. Dylan Rowlands
    4 years ago

    Hi Wayne

    Read your blog and your books. Your awesome!

    Email me.
    Dylan Rowlands


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Mr Rowlands, well thank you… I appreciate your lovely comment.

    I will do, thank you. Watch out for your email…




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