Blast your paradigm


Great one today. Enjoy!

What is a paradigm?

A paradigm is a collection of habits built up over a number years and fixed firmly in your sub-conscious mind. In my book '11 Things You Must Know About The Law of Attraction', I note that it has huge control over our lives; "...the reason why we keep doing the same old thing and expect a different outcome."

So, how do we change our paradigm? Well, a simple way could be:

Firstly acknowledge that you've got a bad one. No worries at all!

Second thing is to replace the old beliefs with new ones. I want you to take time to properly think and think in reverse essentially. If you think something's bad, imagine that's it's good.

Thirdly, define your new beliefs (ensuring they match up to what you want in life). Reinforce them through repetition, which can be done in many ways, but good ones are affirmations & a gratitude book. If you want to have more money, then create a positive affirmation to that effect... and so on.

Work on changing your self image too and all of this positive energy will create new direction for you. New thoughts and images will create ideas in your conscious mind and thus opportunities in your daily life.

With so much at stake it is definitely worth having a go.

If you'd like more information on nailing your paradigm, then go here.

With love and gratitude always.




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