‘Continuity Overdrive’ comes to joefizz.com

Hi there!

If you've ever wondered how to build an IM membership site that generates signifiant passive income, then keep reading!

One of the UK's leading marketers, Lee McIntyre, ran a 2 day workshop in Newcastle, where he shared his secrets for generating a super sized IM list and a $100,000 monthly income in the process. Each attendee paid $997 to be there!

The sessions were recorded, and the output of 8 videos,audio's and transcripts were sold for $197, which I bought... & must say, (in my opinion) were worth 10 times the price I paid. Jam packed and FULL of content!

Step 1:  Proven strategies to build a profitable continuity program in 72 hours or less
Step 2:  Decide on the continuity model you'll profit from and make 3 month's content
Step 3:  Create and implement your super selling system
Step 4:  A simple plan to accelerate conversion
Step 5:  Simply and easily improve your visitor value
Step 6:  Evergreen lead generation methods
Step 7:  Continuity problems and how to overcome them
Step 8:  Fleshing out your back-end


If you are looking to build a monthly income from membership sites, then I highly recommend you check it out!

There is good news and bad news...

...the bad news, is that they sold out...

... the good news, is...I have obtained access to the videos and audios from the workshop and I am making them for sale through joefizz.com for a fraction of the price at just $39.99

However, if you are a member of joefizz inner circle or nolistnoidea.com, then they available for FREE in the Members Area.

If you are not a member of inner circle, then go here right now...

For nolistnoidea.com, go here now...

Membership has its privileges! Be part of the family...

What ever you are doing today, I hope you have a healthy, happy & very prosperous day!


Joe Evans 

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