Creating a quantum leap!

Hi there,

Phew...where has January gone? For me, this month has been about:

  • Planning for the 1st quarter. Vitally important...
  • Goal setting.
  • Actioning my plan.
  • Sharpening up my PMA and making sure that 2011 is the best year of my life so far (as per New Year resolution).

So far, so good.

Part of my action planning relates to massive success this year. 2010 was about 'learning the ropes' and making sure that I fully understood the massive arena that is Internet Marketing.

So, how do you achieve massive success? Well, you may have heard of the phrase 'if you do what you did, you'll get what you got'. That means, if you want an altered result you've got to do something different or you'll end up exactly where you were. Not good!

So, with that in mind I want to highlight a philosophy known as a 'QUANTUM LEAP', which is basically an advance from one place to another without going through the steps in between.

Why is it important? Well, if you want to make big changes to your business or personal life  that will revolutionize you future, you need to create expediential growth immediately so that your old methodologies become a thing of the past!

How can you do this?

Firstly, you need to draw out the knowledge & experience you already have, but are afraid to use it... DO SOMETHING NEW!

Secondly, you've got to just let go of your own inhibitions. So what if you fail! My favourite quote is from Confucius:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we do.

So, as Nike says "Just do it"!

Thirdly, you have got to give your self permission to dream big and I mean big! Do you have a vision board?

Fourth, Brian Tracy says "You become what you think about most of the time". That means getting your current attitude and actions to match up with what you aspire to be like in the future. So, act with complete fact, like you have already achieved and allow the Law of Attraction to do it's thing.

Fifth, ALWAYS act with complete fact, as if success was guaranteed! What actions would you come up with...

The final part is to take a leap of faith into that action plan and do not stop no matter how many hurdles or boundaries come your way. Remember, you are an unstoppable breakthrough machine!

That's it folks! It's a plan to make 2011, your best year yet!

Hope you enjoyed my post today. As always please leave your comments below, I love to read them.

Remember, if you were already doing the right thing, you wouldn't need to CHANGE, so... just do it!



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  1. Paula Burns
    7 years ago

    Huge success all round then Wayne! I’m with you there!
    Paula Burns recently posted..Wedding &amp Party Packs


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Paula,

    I am walking by the side of you honey!

    Good luck to us both.



  2. Bolaji O
    7 years ago

    What’s up, Joe Fizz!

    This is a marvelous post.

    I appreciate you focusing us on our accomplishments for January.
    I recall that in 2010, after setting marvelous goals in January, I didn’t do periodic check-ups throughout the year. And so, when I did a check-up in mid-November, I had only achieved sporadic success against my goals.

    Let’s all go ahead and evaluate our progress for January. Maybe even publish a public status update to our blogs! Even if we are behind where we would like to be… I bet that by publicly stating our progress, next month will be 100% better! LOL!

    These kind of motivational posts are very necessary for us all to consume periodically. Thanks for giving me my motivational fix for the week! 🙂
    Bolaji O recently posted..Do You Love What You Know Challenge 3- Personal Brand Formula


    Wayne Evans Reply:


    Thank you very much indeed! Your feedback is greatly appreciated:-).

    I agree with you…somehow, if we could become accountable to someone or something …we’d all ensure some success at least!! The answer is a Mastermind group…

    Focus, focus and focus again my friend…that’s the secret to success!

    Speak soon Bo,

    Best regards



  3. Cheekeong Tan
    7 years ago

    Hi Wayne,

    It not so much about doing something new. Do the right thing long enough consistently and you’ll have good results as there’s a time gap between when you started off and when the results comes in. Take massive and immediate action.

    Cheekeong Tan recently posted..Find Unclaimed Money


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Cheekeong,

    I think the philosophy is that if you haven’t achieved yet, then you could be/or are doing something wrong. Just make sure your are on the right tracks though. It is also making sure that you do have massive self belief and the determination to carry your actions through.

    Never stop believing!

    Come back and see us again soon.

    best regards



  4. Yoichi
    7 years ago

    Hi Wayne,

    Man, where DID January go? I think its because I was thinking only about my internet marketing business and pretty much nothing else.

    I also need to re-evaluate where my business is currently at and make some new changes and planning to grow it even faster.

    I think the underlining point to success is, like you mentioned, looking at your current results and implementing change because what you were doing/thinking in the past, brought you your current reality.

    A motivating post for me! Thanks!
    Lets make this year a phenomenal one!

    Yoichi recently posted..Book full of Networking Faces


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Yoichi!

    Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your feedback re motivation.

    It is soooooo easy to get tied into all sorts of things. Things that take you away from taking massive action. In fact, they are all useful but don’t earn you any money so its important to focus and re-focus constantly.

    Come back and see us soon.

    best regrads



  5. Dan James
    7 years ago

    I like the attitude wayne that has defenitly given me drive and open’d my eyes into some different things i want to with my company makes you realise in life if you dont try and work hard at it ! you dont get anywhere! i think this is the year 🙂 hope we all have a great one! take care Dan


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Dan

    Thanks your comment mate. I think you are right, 2011 is THE year! Its all about making a massive effort and ensuring that nothing gets in the way!!! We are all guilty of that sometimes…

    Appreciate that you took the time to come over and read my blog.

    All the best,



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