Second article success and Ebook coming…

Hey there!

Well its been a little bit less frantic on the IM front, due to the fact that I have been busy elsewhere! I have been away from the fireside and its nice to be back!

However, as I look back at my journal I can see small successes, which really inspire me. What are they? Well the articles on Ezine and Squidoo are being read consistently and the number of followers on Blog Catalog is growing day by day. This led me to put a second posting out, this time on IM and similar reports are still coming in.

I have completed all the AWeber webinar's now so I am really looking forward to putting these new skills into effect....... and soon I hope!

At the back end of last weekend, I was able to spend some good time in the Warrior Forum. They are very serious about being serious in there! A friend of mine suggested Digital Point too, which is a little bit less muscular! I also had a chance to view some blogs, which is always nice.

The strangest thing happened yesterday. I downloaded Joe Vitale's new book 'Attract Money Now' and followed him as a friend on Twitter. Wow....the response was electric. I think I had over 100 new followers in a few hours....magic! Who says the Law of Attraction doesn't work?

I have another cunning plan to boost numbers, so watch this space!

Looking at the numbers, I have still only 2 subscribers to my feeds, have 118 followers on my Twitter and one new Facebook request. I also have several new readers on Squidoo, Ezine and Blog Catalog. Finally, Google Analytics says I had 179 unique views this month so it going the right way... slowly!

Finally, the early part of this week has been spent on writing my new FREE!!!!!. It is packed with excellent strategies on how to drive traffic to your blog...Good common sense suggestions! It's called 'Magnetize that traffic'!!

Send me an email for an advance copy!

To our success!!


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