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Hi all,

You'll be pleased to know that my parenting site is now all settled in, so am back in this saddle.... 🙂

With your help, I am looking forward to building a membership site on www.joefizz.com. I am going to write another eBook on Traffic, which is the most important topic, so need your 10 most Frequently Asked Questions on IM. In addition, with your new found experience, what are the 10 best 'Should Ask Questions' too?

Your help will be very valuable.

best regards


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  1. nicky
    7 years ago

    hey wayne/ joe..
    just getting in touch as a local lad…
    you did welcome me early on with mwa3.0.. appreciated..
    just starting to get serious about this game now as i have been
    through some crazy times…
    be nice to chat to somebody face to face for a change 1 day soon my man..
    if you got time and fancy coffee soon.. be nice..


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Nicky,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Times are certainly crazy…no doubt they will continue for a while longer! Keep the faith though Nicky!

    A coffee would be grand. I’ll send you a personal email.

    best regards



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