How to delegate effectively?


If your business is growing then you'll know about the growing pains too.  😐

One of the common downsides is that you work longer hours to cope with demand, which initially you don't mind. However, in the medium and perhaps longer term may not be great because you you need to have a correct work/life balance. In fact, it is essential to have a life outside your's plain healthy.

Control freaks stop reading here...

One of the ways you can overcome this small hurdle is to employ a VA... a natural step in your business. I have written before about the advantages of a VA, so won't go over old ground, but briefly,... releases you to work on the things that will earn your money and do the things you enjoy.

However, having an additional worker carries responsibilities and perhaps one the most important of those is managing delegation. If you do it right, you'll save loads of time and/or generate more money than ever before. On the other hand if you mess up, then you'll waste valuable time and effort in re-doing the tasks yourself.

So question is, how do you delegate effectively? I've recorded something you might find useful....





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