How To Insert Any Tracking Code To Sites Automatically

Do you know what a lot of the genuinely successful internet marketers have in common? I am talking about those that bring in five or six figures a year (or more), entirely from their own content websites. They cover all sorts of diverse niches with all types of varied sites. And yet they all exploit the same remarkable technology to help them make their colossal profits.

That technology is known as "Google Analytics" - a totally free of charge tracking solution provided by Google. Analytics makes it very easy to obtain thorough info concerning your users - and it directly links into additional Google high-quality services like Adsense and Adwords, providing in-depth details to help you perk up profits and cut costs.

I'm confident you will be in agreement that Analytics sounds very exciting. It is definitely the sort of thing you need to give your business enterprise an edge over your competition.

Nevertheless Analytics has one mammoth shortcoming. It is not easy to attach Analytics to a website, requiring special code to be integrated inside every single web page. That is why a good number of internet marketers do not really use Analytics. This downside is not exclusive to Google Analytics. It applies to every other web user tracking system available on the World Wide Web. And it really is a big hassle.

Not only do you have to update all your pages - but you also run the risk that your HTML editor will "mess up" the special code if you ever want to edit your pages in the future. This issue stops countless internet marketers from utilizing user tracking systems altogether.

Nevertheless, there is now internet marketing software that makes it as easy as pie to include Google Analytics code or any other code to your whole site, without needing to edit any of your web pages. You merely get your Analytics ID number from your Google account, paste it into the software, after that upload the resulting script file to your web host. Google Analytics will subsequently be operative on each page of your site instantly and automatically.

Any resolute internet marketer ought to be making use of this innovative software to improve their time management skills which will result in better profits. With this software, it really is that painless to add the income-boosting power of Google Analytics to all your websites. As affirmed previously, the software is not limited to just Google Analytics. You can utilize it with any script or system that requires code to be added to your web pages. Imagine how much time and effort you can save by adding code for Google Analytics or any other code, script or system to all your web pages without modifying any of the page files.

Just paste the code into the software and it will automatically insert the code into all your web pages, devoid of you needing to modify a single page. This is precisely the kind of timesaving, profit-boosting tool you need to have for your online business venture. Yes, internet marketing and time management go hand-in-hand. To increase your income, improve your time management skills. With that said, even the most skilled online marketers need help on occasion. Make use of the tools available to you and you will reap the benefits.

Use your preferred search engine to look for "software to add tracking code to websites" and discover how to use this superb internet marketing tool. Online marketing can be stress-free with the right information and tools.

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  1. Nathan Rufus
    8 years ago

    Hey Joe

    I just found you blog on someone else’s site. Whenever I would hear script or install I would get scared.

    It’s good that there’s software out there that can automate it though.

    I’m a fellow MWA student and came to leave a comment, then saw your tagline.

    I’ve got much repect for you man. I’m a dad as well and love my kids. Call them Monsters Inc. But I have help.

    This business that you’re building is the making of all of you.

    Well done my friend.

    Reach new heights,



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Nathan,

    Oh your comments struck a heart chord there mate and I’ve been thinking about responding for 2 days (been too busy with the kids to reply…hehehehe!). They are absolutely my world!

    I laughed out loud at Monsters Inc, we have a similar sense of humour … and that’s bad!

    Good luck with MWA! Where are you up to with it? If you need any help…just shout.

    all the very best & keep in touch,


    PS Have a lok at my other blog site re writing a book…



  2. Dave jeffreys
    8 years ago

    G’day Wayne
    MWA 3 Student here. Have to back up what your saying. Knowing where your traffic is coming from as well as where your drop offs are happening helps you ensure you are working on the things that will make the biggest difference.


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Dave, how you doing?

    Thanks for the comment mate, its very appreciated.

    Good luck with the MWA stuff…it is really 1st class. I’ll eat my hat if you don’t enjoy it!!

    Keep in touch Dave.




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