How to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires


I am currently being coached by the best in the business, that is, Bob Proctor. If you don't know who he is... I highly recommend you go and find him.

He is without doubt the deepest thinker I have ever come across but he's also an action taker... and that what makes the difference in life.

I have learned many great things and will continue to do so. There is no end to improvement. The fact is, if you read something twice, you'll get 2 different lines of thought...

Anyway to the topic. This is a sure fire place where people get stuck when they work with the Law of Attraction. I will try and help you get over that hurdle with some simple guidance through 3 easy steps. Ok, here goes:


Step 1: Create a CLEAR image of what you actually want

This is very important. Why? Well, if you are not sure what you want or have a vague idea, then guess what? You'll continue along the same path. It's useful to have a vision board, a video that plays your pictures back or images placed around the house. All of these will help you remember what you want more often and will instill the right thoughts into your mind. It will also provide a motivational boost at to why you are doing what you are doing.

Finally, your measure will be how long can you make this last and that's down to your will.


Step 2: Impress your images into your sub-conscious mind

Sounds weird right? What is your sub-conscious mind? Your sub-conscious mind is the feeling part of you. Your conscious mind is the part of the brain that thinks and makes decisions. It will accept or reject ideas. Once you've made those decisions, it's your sub-conscious mind that makes it happen though action. Problems arise when you feed in bad thoughts or decisions...

Ok, back to the point. If you have the will power to keep going and maintain your focus, then slowly your passion will build and you'll be in harmony with the law because you think better thoughts, sow better seeds and take better action.


Step 3: Reproduce what's in your sub-conscious mind into real life

It's vital that you do not allow the bad images, like lack of anything to fill this part of your brain. Constantly fill it with abundance, even if it's untrue (for the moment). Your sub-conscious brain does not know what's real or not.

Write out your desired goal on a card and look and hold it many times a day. Read it out loud even. Your friends will think you've lost it (mine do) but hey, what have you got to lose?

One of the most important things is to calm down so that your vibration is in harmony with the law. Bob Proctor says,"You don't have to slow down. Calm down". This allows you to feel grounded, confident and see the opportunities that usually bounce away from you. Take those opportunities ...

...and take massive action.


You'll soon be pleased that you did... trust me, I did!

Have an amazing rest of the year!







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