Internet Marketing and success with Ezine, Go Articles & Squidoo!

Wow, where do I begin. Since last writing, the internet marketing train has been going at full steam! I am learning loads all the time but there is so much to do. As you pass one milestone, another one presents itself pretty quickly!

I delighted to report that following Alex Jefferys' mentoring and advice I have conquered Ezine, Blog Catalog, Elance and the Warrior Forum! I have today been accredited as an expert author by Ezine (thanks to my friends) and have articles waiting to be published in Squidoo and GoArticles. I have been on a Webinar with Aweber too....twice! And I am also an affiliate. OMG, I have been on fire.

The result? well so far I have 10 followers on Twitter (wow) and one subscriber to my Profit Pulling Platform (didn't buy!). Whilst that might seem like s**t to a seasonal IM, its a harvest for me.

Make no mistake, you move a mountain by starting with the small stones! I will achieve, no matter how long it takes!

Why am I doing this? Well have a look at the picture of my beautiful daughters below. Imagine the fun they'd have at Disney this summer ... and every summer. Imagine the fun they'd have skiing at Easter...oh ..every Easter. That's what pushes me to these higher levels; Financial independence for me and my fantastic children.... so, bring it on baby!

To our success!


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