Well, there it is.... my latest IM product, which is (almost) ready to roll off the production lines...Β  πŸ˜€

I have had this in mind for some time, but have been starved of time to bring it to the surface. I had instead, sketched it out on my Productivity Planner, poised to bring it to life when ready, ...which I just did.

It's a great resource for any IM'er. It highlights the key tasks in IM as well as helping you find the right paths. There are currently 8 Chapters, plus the introduction, which essentially helps you make the perfect pie!


  • Introduction - Before you do anything
  • Chapter 1 – Choose a niche!
  • Chapter 2 – Getting online.
  • Chapter 3 – Generating traffic
  • Chapter 4 – Social Media …
  • Chapter 5 – Making money through video!
  • Chapter 6 – Affiliates
  • Chapter 7 – The Value of JV’s
  • Chapter 8 – Outsourcing

It will build to be the best 'How to' guide in IM because it will be added to on a continual basis. That means giving members lifetime access to all areas so that they can come back for the updates as they come along.

I am very excited about this, so, am letting it out early (just waiting for the logo) so that you can get going. That is a lesson for you in IM, don't wait until its perfect... just get it done!

Here's the link to get started...Β At $9.99, its a bargain!


internet marketing recipe book





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