Jason Ser saves the day as Joefizz ‘fail’s forward’ again!

Hey there y'all,

I started the previous blog with OMG. Well multiply that by 100 times and then again by another 100. The last 2 weeks has been full on. I have been accused of keeping an internet widow in the house, which on reflection is true. Sorry Dot!

The only excuse I can offer is that I wanted to completely immerse myself  in Alex's great coaching. The problem I faced was not being a natural IT boffin (that I thought I was), so have worked immensely hard catching up. I was delighted to have completed all the homwork (early), so thought I could enhance my blog page by adding further plug-ins etc.

Got to the point last week (still in the office at 7pm on Friday night) where I had just completed my last update and whollop, my blog page just disappeared!!! you know vanished...properly gone! I thought that it must be stuck or something..but the evening became a full day, the day became the whole weekend. Zip, zero, zilch, nada, dim! My thoughts began to turn black.

At this point, Alex's teaching jumped into my head again re failing forward. Yes, I had messed up again (I say again), but was confident that there was someone out there who could help (although my web guy was beat). I got going on a couple of forum's. From the fire storm emerged a real hero Jason Ser (thank you sooo much!) who suggested amongst other things that the plugins may be at fault. Indeed one was and was duly termintated.

The re-emergence of my web site was like a phoenix rising from the ashes! It was a beautiful vision. Yes, I had to re-do a lot of the stuff that I'd lost but was happy doing them because I had another chance. I also was quicker now, knew what I was doing and avoided the wrong stuff. It inspired me even higher because I am further down the line on html knowledge now.

The drawback was no video blog, which this was meant to be. However watch this space.

Completed Module 5 of Alex's training last night. 2 1/2 hours of heaven. Alex you make it feel so easy!

The second point is my book. we did 2 lots of editing on the weekend, which technically makes the book complete now. So, I had some frineds who recommended a Publisher who had handled Jordan's last book (no, I am not well connected). He gave me the details of a niche publisher in west Wales (my home) to contact. Unfortunately, they weren't taking on titles at the moment (how silly is that without even looking at the book, I may be a male version of J K Rowling....), so technically is that my first rejection (I am told that only 1 in 100 books make it, so don't have any high expectations). I asked for her recommendation on another publisher on this niche area and she suggested one not too far from her.

So I wrote a lovely summary (183 words - short for me) and emailed it over......

Watch this space!

Never have I been so committed to making this whole, exciting experience work!

I have set a target of 2000 followers by the end of March on my blog. That looks like silly numbers in a short time, but hey at this point I am certainly reaching for the stars!

Why not come with me?

To our success..


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