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Hi there!

I have believed for a very long time now, that the only logical way to make sensible money was passively. As a small business, income became non existent when you went on holiday because you simply weren't there!

So, when I entered the IM arena, my goal was independence, even when I was not at my desk.

I have already set up a membership site on my parenting blog (, which tied into a book I'd recently written, so that had priority when I'd organised my plan. In hindsight, that was a mistake.

However, the positives are, that I know the S2 memberbship plugin pretty well and will, when ready, put the finishing touches in quickly.

I am keen to have great content in the membership site and intend to help struggling IM's have the right attitude and tools to help them overcome their hurdles. There will be updated information every month and the focus will be to provide outstanding value...always!

I am already underway with the work, having spent the past few weeks creating products and services. I was even lucky enough to speak with the Continuity King himself for help.

So, if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to have in membership programme, just leave a comment below. By the way, what would you be willing to pay for:

  • Easy to follow flow charts
  • Newbie Starter kit
  • 5 Star joefizz Rolodex
  • Educational videos
  • Webinar courses
  • Personal Development from the worlds best.
  • Mastermind group (this alone will be worth the monthly fee).
  • Tips and guides.
  • Details of Private Coaching.

Drop me a line to let me know.

To our success!


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