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Hey there!

Got so many things on the go at the moment, that it's hard to remember to report good news!

So, I thought I'd let you have it, whilst it was fresh in my mind...(not)!

I basically did an experiment with my 'kick-rugby' app (split testing in other words). Having just added iAd, I changed the game from paid to free for a 2 week period.

In that time, download numbers were quite good at 884 takers, which had a bump effect on my iAd income too!

However, here's the thing ...whilst income did increase overall because of the bigger numbers, eCPM (effective revenue per thousand ads served) dropped! That means, at his time, freebie seekers are not interested in in being marketed to ...darn!

Therefore, success can only be assured by staying one step ahead of the customer the whole time. That can only be done with targeted marketing and constant split testing!

I hope you found my good news inspiring?




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