Know, like and trust!


Just a quick post before the weekend.

One of the things that's mega important for me in life (both business and personal) is moral fibre. That means being able to deal only with people who you know like and trust!

The problem is... when you are leaning this 'IM' thing, you tend to follow pretty much anybody ... literally because they have made loads of money. You turn a 'blind eye' to get a leg up... so to speak!

Your inbox is rammed full of shiny objects, so your time is taken working through them all, wondering if that little gem is there today.

Well its time to stop!

From today, begin deleting and then unsubscribing all those people who just say "buy my shit, buy my shit". These people are the worst because they know your 'desperate' and they make the most of it through clever copywriting. Continue with this filter process until you are left with a handful of people who you 'know, like and trust'.

With this new free time (and empty-ish) inbox, you can follow those people more deeply (and get better value from them because you are giving them far more time). You can also begin re-evaluating your business & developing a new clear vision of where you want to be in the future...

Good luck with that!










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