A very Special Offer for my subscribers only...

This is Lee McIntyre's biggest success!.


8 unedited videos lay out his blueprint for creating massive followers that pay him $97 per month and built a massive list of 93,000 raving fans.


He called it 'Continuity Overdrive' and you can get the videos and audios here for just $39.99...


Step 1:  Proven strategies to build a profitable continuity program in 72 hours or less

Step 2:  Decide on the continuity model you'll profit from and make 3 month's content

Step 3:  Create and implement your super selling system

Step 4:  A simple plan to accelerate conversion

Step 5:  Simply and easily improve your visitor value

Step 6:  Evergreen lead generation methods

Step 7:  Continuity problems and how to overcome them

Step 8:  Fleshing out your back-end

The attendees paid $997 for this wonderful training!


Get it now before I change my mind...




Joe Evans

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