Mission is possible!

Hi there!

The last couple of weeks has again been a blur!

I am looking at my journal and can see plenty of effort. Experiments thus far, include:

  1. Backlinks inserted into blog sites ... no returns yet.
  2. Importing some of my business contacts from Outlook into Aweber and using that info to offer 'The 100 Day Challenge' by Gary Ryan Blair. To date, I have received 26 confirmations. This is hilarious because I had done half the job and left the import running as I left for home. When I arrived 40 minutes later, I received an email confirming an opt in. At first, I was cross with myself because of my naivety with Aweber and sending something out without dotting the i's & crossing the t's. However, on reflection, I thought blinkin great!!! About time I let what little hair I have left, down! RESULT! I would encourage you to look at your contacts, get them onto an excel spreadsheet and import them into Aweber (there is video tutoriual to help).
  3. Expanded further into Marketplace on Clickbank. This is still work in progress.
  4. Forum work via Warrior and Marketing with Alex.
  5. Added my blogs to Liquida.com & blogspot groups, waiting to be approved.
  6. Volunteered for a JV Giveaway, which starts tomorrow.
  7. Posted some useful information to forum re WordPress hacking prevention.
  8. Tried and failed to guest blog (oil rig hopping in other words). I have been struggling to find appropriate and useful sites. However, problem sorted...spent all afternoon on Blog Catalog and visited maybe 20 sites and commented where necessary. If you haven't registered your site there yet, I would encourage you to do that straight away.
  9. We are now in Stumbleupon...yehaaaa, you betcha!
  10. Finally, found this interesting site from oil rig hopping, whereby a company provides one way links for FREE web site traffic. I have added them, so lets see what happens... watch this space for feedback.

So, what's the scores on the doors? Well I am pleased to say that subscriber numbers are at 60 and Twitter is at 82...PROGRESS indeed!

However, it just focuses you even more.

By the way, if you have an idea for a product I can sell for about $17, then I am all ears. Please get in touch.

To our success,


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  1. Anna Haller
    8 years ago

    Hi Wayne,

    Good information you have here on your post, like the way you are keeping track of your progress as that is always important. I will definitely check out Blog Catalog as I’m always looking for ways to drive traffic. Good luck and take care!



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Anna

    Thanks for commenting. I hope to earning loads one day so social proof is essential to show where you have come from.

    Keep in touch,

    best regards



  2. Guru Crusher
    8 years ago

    Hey Wayne,

    Just pluggin’ away at it – you’ll get it soon enough.

    I think the biggest things are:

    1) Stay on track with one thing at a time – don’t get distracted by every new little tool or thing that comes along, and

    2) This definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It took me almost a full year to make my first $200 days!

    You just gotta find your groove 🙂

    – Coty


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Coty, thanks for commenting!

    You are so right…the one thing that I have found is the amount of free information that is available, so you’ve gotta go through it to see if its any good. However, I have a focus…if it doesntt build my list, then leave it alone.

    Would love to think I am heading that way!

    Keep in touch..




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