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Amazon is a 'must explore' area for one simple reason. It's a free traffic source that's a mega marketing machine! Alexa ranks it as the 5th most popular site in the US...

...ok, got your attention, so how do you leverage some of the action?

One way, is Kindle. Since it's inception in 2007, it's growth has been nothing short of phenomenal ... and by all accounts it will continue to 'out perform'. So, how do you get a piece of the pie?

Your own Kindle eBook...

If you are looking to realise your dream as an author or just make some more money for Christmas, then you must have a go. The process is straightforward and easy... uploading docs is now much easier than it once was.

If you are lacking any ideas on topics or subject areas, then browse Amazon's categories... there are more than 20 on the first page, but with additional sub categories, takes the number well in excess of 100.

If you need some help, then you'll be pleased to know that I have an ebook, which is available for sale here... for just $1.99. This will more than get you started!


I keep the 'secret sauce' for my coaching clients and if you are interested in joining my inner circle, then go here...

That's it, short one today but nevertheless one very important post!




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