Re-igniting your mojo!


Faith or 'passion' is one of the most powerful forces in the universe! If you are in any doubt, just remember that it gives you the will to start, the strength to sustain and the commitment to finish.

With it, you can accomplish anything... success, power, fame or your own desires!

Without it, you experience a lack of confidence, low morale and will never come close to hitting your massive potential...

So, it's pretty important to be in the zone. If you are not, then you've got to ask yourself why?

The first rule is you must do what you love, otherwise you'll have lived a life in vain and missed your calling...  🙁

If it's a lack of confidence or morale that's holding your back, then your have got to find a way to re-ignite you mojo... and here's the thing... it's easier than you think:

  • First of all take a break to re-charge your batteries... even if it's just the weekend.... no work!
  • If you have a single negative disbelief, write it down...

... then:

  • Write 3 (or more) positive things that you have achieved.
  • Each day, say these positive achievements out loud.
  • Repeat this for next 30 days!
  • In addition, become completely consumed with doing everything to the best of your ability, both in business and at home.

Finally, do everything with a resolute passion and just watch life hook back up again... naturally!




P.S. Love like you've never loved before too!

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