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I know.... apologies! It's been ages since I last wrote but life just gets busier and busier. No complaints though because great progress is being made πŸ™‚

Ok moving to the topic of my post. I just adore the above subject. In fact, I am completely fasciated by it. Why? well read on.

Self esteem is simply 'how much you like yourself'. Full stop. Why is that relevant to you? Well if you could imagine a Maslow type triangle for self esteem, in my opinion, you'd find this:

Ideal self






Self worth

In a nutshell, self esteem determines how you feel about yourself. Your self worth vastly determines motivational activities like energy and enthusiasm, which in turn fuels your performance and therefore your results. If this link works well, then you arrive at your future self.... the life you actually want.Β The thing is, I meet and speak with people everyday with great skills or knowledge but are under achieving in their lives (and not earning their true worth) because of low self worth.

So, that is the importance of self esteem. Where is yours?

If you feel that yours is low, then take action and begin improving it today. There are many things you can do. If you want a suggestion from me. Look at the things you do well and applaud yourself constantly. Ask for a compliment from your loved one and/or co-worker.... and cherish it. Sales training will also say, tell yourself that you love yourself consistently throughout the day. Might as well try it, you have nothing to lose.

That's all for now folks!

Have a fab day.



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  1. Yudith
    6 months ago

    Yes self esteem or self worth affects all areas of our life including our professional or business career. Self love is the other big one in importance.
    Yudith recently posted..Free Yourself Of Low Self Esteem And Shine Your Greatness


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Thanks Yudith for your lovely comment.

    It impacts every level of life. How much you love yourself plays a huge role in your success (or otherwise). Ignore this area at your peril.

    The good thing? There are loads you can do to help yourself. The blog post does just that.

    Thanks again Yudith!


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