Slow progress!

Hi there y'all

Phew it's been a while since I physically recorded my progress (May 5th I think!), but I thought I'd take the time time to do that today.

It is fair to say that there has been significant learning since last writing as I try and learn as much as I can about membership sites. So, I have been viewing Ryan Deiss, Jeff Johnson & Lee Mcintyre videos as well as the King, Ryan Lee, of which I am an Inner Circle member!

I have spent a tiny bit of time too doing the old faithful 'oil rig hopping' and a little bit of Warrior Forum. The reason that I haven't been able spend as much time as I wanted in these developement areas is because I have been spending most of my time preparing my new book for publishing as well as building content for my upcoming parenting membership site. It's been a marathon to say the least!

I did get my 1st offer off the ground, a $9.99 book on 'Newbie's FAQ', which hasn't yet produced any results.

I have downloaded camstudio and plan to put that to good use very, very soon!

I have also worked a little on my Facebook page and it is now ready to produce offers and communicate info.

In terms of results:

  • Google Analytics results are good. 169 visits/415 page views and 124 unique visitors. Bounce rate 58%
  • Alexa ranking improving at 1.045m (+20,000)
  • Twitter up to 110
  • Customers up to 70.
  • Income $595

Comparison to plan:

  • The only area behind plan at this stage is customer numbers. Because I have been wholly focussed on learning about membership sites & working on my parenting site incl. book, this has meant a stagnation in my IM arena. However, I fully intend to return to grace with a updated 90 day plan and gant chart to ensure that success comes this way. I am already planning a membership site on this watch this space!

That's it for now everyone!

I hope this shows Newbie's that Rome wasn't built in a day and those stories of overnight riches are a complete pile of poo! You reap what you sow, it takes time!

To our success!


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  1. Ellen Robinson
    7 years ago

    Already did “like’ your page.. No problem…


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    You star!

    Thanks again Ellen.




  2. ellen robinson
    7 years ago

    Well Wayne, no need to complain, lol. At least your having a progress and a heads up..Keep up the good work man.


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Ellen,

    Hey, I still work by this method and it kinda works. With so many interferences getting in the way…it’s easy to lose track. I can hear my 3 girls playing the background (teachers training day, so I got them…heaven!) and my head is in my office but my heart is in the sitting room.

    However, momentum must not be all costs! I always look to make some progress at whatever speed!

    Thanks Ellen again, I look forward to more connections.

    Best regards


    P.S. Are you on Facebook? Go to and ‘Like’ the page, I will return the complement?


  3. Jaycee
    8 years ago

    Hi Joe

    It was nice to come over to your blog and see that your progress hadn’t stopped in January!

    That was the date of the comment you had posted in the MWA Forum, and I wondered if it was your latest!

    My bad – in a good way. Not!
    (now that’s confusing, even after you said that I write well.)

    I like the integrity of your site and blog posts – and the Cardiff accent – tinged with English, is it?

    Anyway, its nice to have ‘met’ you and we must keep in touch.

    Ciao for now



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Jaycee!

    Thanks for coming over to my site. I hope you can see many more posts since January?

    It is tinged a little with English (darn it) because I work with many English people!! But rest assured I am firmly Welsh!! 🙂

    Come over and see me any time,

    best regards



  4. Jason Ser
    8 years ago

    HI Joe,
    Is been a while back when we crossed path at the MWA forum.

    I thought of checking your blog out and was pretty amazed about
    your progress.

    You are kind of like me, you know, doing a lot of behind the scenes
    progress. But I really think you will FLY as you have a good focus
    content ( I mean the parenting) to work towards to. At least is
    something you have a passion, if not, at least an interest on it,
    I reckon.

    Well will be very interested to see you reach the top,mate.

    Jason Ser


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for popping by, its great to hear from you.

    My, my, you have been busy too? I have left a comment on your site…it’s great!

    Keep in touch.



  5. Peter Davies
    8 years ago

    Hi Joe

    I saw your comment on Joe Fier’s blog. Parenting site? mmm….. My other half has been trying to persuade me to start something like this up from a father’s perspective.

    Do you think theres anything in this?




    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Peter, thanks for getting in touch!

    I think so mate because:

    1. There is great demand…always children being born!
    2. Mostly Mums involved, so a niche for dads (your other half is right :-()

    I am working on a membership site as we speak and am days away from my book being available to purchase. Have a look at my other blog site: for further details.

    If you do decide to go for it….good luck!

    Best regards



  6. Glyn Lafferty
    8 years ago

    Hey Wayne,

    You progress is great mate I have to review my own very soon to see how far I have come. I will connect with you on facebook too.

    Your membership site sounds great you must be heading into different niches.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. My blog hasn’t been getting much attention from my self recently as I am trying to get my product ready.

    Talk to you soon mate



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Glyn

    Thanks for jumping over to my blog and leaving a comment.

    It is really difficult to keep all the balls in the air when you are working flat out on something! 🙂

    The numbers are about drawing a line in the sand and getting going again!

    Thanks for the link on Facebook. See the top of my page for a link through.

    best regards



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