The components of a ‘perfect blog post’

How to make a perfect blog post...

Hi there folks,

Just heading into the holiday break... but wanted to let you have some super content before my summer departure!  :mrgreen:

If you've ever wondered what makes up a 'perfect blog post', ...then read on.


Content, content, content:


The No.1 factor, which is significantly more important than anything else! You simply must have good value content. There are 3 considerations…

  • If boring and uninteresting, you will be found in the search engines... but stand little chance of building a relationship with client!
  • So, make it interesting, so that you when you are found, it’s easier to build a long term relationship with client.
  • In 99% of the time, longer content ranks better. So, that means writing 2000 words or more. Images and videos certainly help...see below.


 Post name:

Correct fashion:

  • This is all about getting a keyword into your post. Do not do what many people do:

  • Make sure you have the correct permalinks settings in WordPress and that you target the keywords you want.

Meta Tags


Title Tag

  • 60 characters to get your post ranked ahead of your competition. Suggest:
  • keyword1, keyword2, keyword3


Description Tag

  • 155 characters to paint a picture to the outside world. Put your keywords in here but remember this will be read by real people, so don’t make it technical jargon and thus unreadable.


Hi Tag


  • Use your Keyword here, which is normally the post name. Choose only one.



Interlinking to other content on your site is a very good idea.

  • Do it at least once in every post. As an example, if you were writing about membership sites and had written another post on the same topic, you could refer to that and use ‘membership sites’ as an anchor text.



Very useful for 3 reasons:

  • Some people learning styles are best served by looking, so this will engage them.
  • What ever image you use, make sure it mirrors the post name. Don’t leave it as dsc0001…but instead, ‘Internet coach’ for example.
  • Also, create an ‘alt tag’ with the same name when uploading it and make sure you use a different name next time!


 Social media:

This is now becoming the norm with all those WordPress plug-ins… but as a minimum you should have… Facebook ‘like’, Twitter ‘tweet’ and Google ‘+1’ buttons. This has 2 purposes:

  • It shows Google that people are engaging with you…thus you are deserving of a better ranking!
  • Get's your work to a much bigger audience and thus spread the word… that should mean more money!


If you follow the above receipe, your 'pie' will bake perfectly...and as a result ...your ranking improves. Voila!


If you are interested in getting this in a pictorial format (as a .jpg file) as an aide memoire, then just enter your name and email address below...

I hope you a have a great holiday/vacation where ever you are... be healthy, happy and prosperous!


With love...

Joe Evans

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  1. bungcarik
    5 years ago

    What is Hi Tag? Could it be H Tag?
    bungcarik recently posted..Rahasia Strategi Pemasaran Via Email


    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    With the recent WordPress upgrade to 3.4.2, it is now known as Meta Keywords!

    Change eh…




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