The Solution To Affiliate Marketing Profits Is Consistency

In terms of affiliate marketing, there are a number of strategies which a person could make money from. The truth is that there are literally 1000's of content and education courses available that will present you precisely what to do to achieve success.

Unfortunately most 'beginners' info overload from these packages and finally give up before they ever make a dime. Most of the time, the new affiliate marketer will blame the eBook or training course for lack of success and quickly moves on to other things.

What they fail to acknowledge is that it's often not the eBook that's the problem; it's the particular person studying it that decides the outcome.

The reality is that only a small share of affiliate marketers actually earn the large profits that everybody is dreaming of. Although affiliate internet marketing is not a tough activity, only a fraction of people really have what it takes to stay targeted and press on even when the sales aren't coming in.

If you want to achieve success, you must conquer the "self doubt" that's going to kick in as quickly as you commit some time to your new affiliate marketing venture...and don't see the results. You need to understand that this is natural and whereas others are giving up you should press on, build from your experiences, and proceed to teach yourself more tactics.

Think of affiliate marketing as pushing a snowball up and over a hill. At first, it may be difficult as a result of gravity (doubt) working in opposition to you. However after you make it over the hill, it will be difficult to stop the snowball in fact as it continues to roll on its own.

So you need to have an understaning that all the hard work is going to return no reward at first. But, as you continue to market your affiliate applications every day, fairly quickly your efforts will start paying off. As soon as you have found a subject that you think is a winner, it is time to discover your ebook. One way is to use 'PLR' (personal label rights) ebooks. These are ebooks that you would be able to buy the resell rights to. Take your time in choosing your guide; as a result of this is the most important part of the entire process.

Forums... You are there!
Articles... You are there!
Social networking... You are there!
Search Engines... You're there!

And on and on it goes!

In summary, if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, make sure that you do your research. Find the precise training program and then stick with it. If you are one of those people that has already purchased a bunch of education programs, then maybe it is time to give them a go....a proper go I said!

The alternative is to waste more money on other coaching programs!

To your success!


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  1. Glyn Lafferty
    8 years ago

    Hey Joe,

    Love the stuff about pushing the snowball up the hill if everyone keeps at it and gets to the top of the hill then the roll effect going back down will be one hell of a ride.

    Great post mate great flow in your writing



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hey Glyn

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I agree…and the goal then will be …to be at the front! 🙂

    Thanks too for the feedback…sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn’t??? I keep trying!

    Keep in touch,

    Best regards



  2. Hiro Adams
    8 years ago

    What you say is so true, Joe.

    Buy one ebook, read a chapter or two, sometimes not even a page and move on to the next one, forever chasing that elusive dream.

    The reality is, stick to a plan, work the plan

    So I have to be consistent, not more consistent, just consistent

    Wise words Joe



    Wayne Evans Reply:

    Hi Hiro

    Thanks for your comments. It is east to get sucked in to the next shiny thing!

    keep in touch.




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