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Hi there,

One of the ways you can gain valuable following (& indeed reputation) is through Forum participation. Engagement will build your credibility (and list) with your peers.

The most widely known Forum for Im'ers is The Warrior Forum. If you haven't heard of it yet, I guess its the biggest but also the most fickle one there is. It's moderators actively look for transgressors of its rules and if that's not enough, you have members lying in wait  to tip off the moderators of posts that are self promoting or pointing back to your site. Doh!   When you couple that with occasional bluntness from members when something simple is asked..., it doesn't paint a very good picture!

However, if you do dance the line and follow the rules...

If you are a Newbie, it is a valuable place to get 'Guru' level help for your problems in IM. It can also be a place to get your products sold through the Warrior Special Offer system (WSO) and a great place just to speak to someone.

If you are an intermediate, then it is a place to find JV's & affiliates as well as sell your products. You can also try and organise local mastermind groups too!

For advanced Im'ers, this is a place to give back and offer advice to both the above as well as build lists and run WSO's. It is also a place to pay it forward.

It is worth toeing the line. I occasionally transgress (accidentally), but it is easy to ask for forgiveness, later... 👿

To date, I have run 5 WSO's and found several JV partners to work with, which has resulted in significant list growth. However, my best achievement to date has been in helping people with IM problems. They are the same problems, that I encountered 2.5 years ago! The advice I have given has encouraged them and/or a reader to come to my site and join the family, which is really nice!

So, my advice is:

  • Spend more time in Forums, but remember the 'rules'.
  • The Warrior Forum is the biggest and best. Join the War Room too for a small fee...worth it..
  • Actively engage members and build your reputation.
  • Add products in your signature links, to capture peoples names and email addresses. If you haven't got a product yet, then go to Clickbank and get one for 50% share.
  • As soon as you can, get some JV's.
  • Look for Mastermind groups in your area. This is a very good tool to grow your business...

Ok, hope you found this post useful. Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below...



Joe Evans




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