What is a sales funnel?


Check me out... 1st of November and out of the blocks with a new blog post!  😎

Ok, one of the things I am constantly being asked by my students is... where do I get traffic or how do I increase my current levels of traffic. The answers are dead simple...however, what I am really interested in, is looking at their sales funnel. What the heck?

"Why is this, I hear you ask"?

Well, there's no point doing a pile of good work (and spending money for that matter) driving traffic to an offer that is crap and won't convert. Instead, it is far better to use your valuable time and resources in making sure that your FREE offer is compelling enough to get them to commit their name and email address to you, so that you start marketing them.

The funnel begins...

So, after giving you their details, you should forward them to a sales offer you have, ensuring that it is totally irresistible and solves a problem they may have. You absolutely must ensure that it delivers tremendous value to get them to buy.

If they buy, then you know they are keen, ...so up-sell them to another offer you may have like a coaching program for example. As a sweetener, offer a trial  to get them to sign up immediately. In addition, if they bought again, that means they are really in the grove about you and your services...so, offer them a backend facility like a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month personal coaching programme at say, $500 per month.

If they didn't buy, no worries, offer a down-sell (or two), but make sure you change the offer. Do not cheapen what you have offered above...that makes you look like a sleaze bag and should not be trusted. Instead perhaps, offer a reduced service for less money or take elements away from the initial offer. If you didn't make a sale, you still have gained a valuable subscriber to your list.

The point about the funnel system is that you get prospects deep into your sales process, so that you simply make more money by doing NO MORE WORK!

If you follow the above advice, then you'll automatically drive traffic to your site as your heightened reputation delivers new prospect opportunities.

I hope you found this post useful.

If so, just take action...




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