Why the ‘R’ in ‘SMART’ sucks.


I am a big believer in Self Development (have done all my adult life)... even got qualifications to prove it. So, when setting goals in the past, I have made them 'SMART' ... inline with industry teachings. Indeed, that mnemonic helped me achieve many a goal.... I thought they made sense.

But, things have changed...

...the thing is, we live in a new digital age. When 'SMART' was initially devised, people were working with paper and pens. Now, we solve a national problems by using our smartphones, they really are that powerful.

So, where am I going with this...?

Well, it's the 'R' for 'Realistic' in the mnemonic that causes me trouble. Looking back, I achieved many a goal. At the time, I felt they were massive, but in the scheme of things they were very modest indeed. Why modest? Well, when I compare them to the Wrights Brother's or John Kennedy's moon exploration, they are very lame ... in a big way. Mention 'Realistic' to Thomas Edison and he would have walked away laughing.

So, when I again entered the Gary Ryan Blair's 100 Day Challenge again this year, I had something to think about. My goals this year are not realistic and neither is the time scale. Out of the 100 Days, I will be away from the office for at least 21 days (up to a potential of 35)...

... so, the challenge is set.

I'll let you know how I get on... wish me luck!



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