You must create value.


Well, I guess it's been a while   😈  I am pleased to say that I took most of the summer off (for the first time) and am grateful that no noticeable damage occurred as a result... phew!

My 'control freak' nature is clearly loosening...   😀

OK, back to business with a mighty "yee-haaa"!

One of the early teachings I'd noted was "don't chase money, but, let it chase you". "Great phrase" I thought, but what the jeeper's creepers does that mean? No-one stepped forward to fix that part of the puzzle and clearly I went (in vain) to earn money casually.

I did figure it out eventually. Heck, I was proud of myself ... but I'd wasted loads of time in the process. One of the massive benefits of having a coach is that they speed things up, thus giving you a solid platform to achieve results. So, take a look at my special offer ... to get started today.

Ok, back to the post. You see, I approached money from the totally wrong angle. I simply ran after it (like everyone else)! The harder I tried (and worked), the further away it went... So, I took time out to review and found something really amazing. I found that... to succeed, I needed to reduce people's pain or solve a problem for them. That was the first piece of the puzzle. Yess!

Furthermore, I also discovered that in order for them to spend their hard earned cash, I needed to create value. Not a little bit but a huge bucket load. This allowed them to KLT (know, like and trust) me, so I could flourish. So, what steps could you take to create huge value?

Here's a few to help you find new prospects. Find out:

  • What's their number one frustration?
  • What problems are they facing that you could help with?
  • What are their fears (go on dig deep)?
  • What is their heart's desire?
  • What are their biggest excuses?   😳

Spend a lot of time recording the answers because it will become apparent what your potential customers want and need from you. That will provide a platform for a new product or service that you can provide and leverage it in the market place for '$/£'s'.

The final part of the jigsaw is passion. Massively successful entrepreneurs find that they just 'love what they do' ...the money simply flows as a result.

I hope you found this post useful? Just go and get passionate... today!




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