Your learning style… part 2!


Thanks to everyone who took time to share the post in the social media arena last week, I really appreciate your support!  😀

As promised here is part 2 of your preferred learning style.

I mentioned in last week's post, that personality really makes a difference. Why is this?

Well because people have different learning preferences and not all enjoy the same experiences. As learning is closely linked to enjoyment, it follows that if two people experience a similar situation, one would enjoy it, whilst the other would hate it, switch off and learn nothing!  😥

In 1983, Peter Honey and Alan Mumford took personality into account when analysing learning. They came up with four detective styles, which they called:

  • Activist (Do-ers)
  • Reflector (Review and feedback)
  • Theorist (Concepts and theories)
  • Pragmatist (Action plans)


Learning style


Whilst most people actually have aspects of each style, they normally have a preference for one (sometimes 2). The styles influence how people tackle learning, so is very important indeed.

A complete learning experience would accommodate Kolb's Learning experience too (see part 1).

So, this is what you've been waiting for...

Honey and Mumford suggested two ways in which analysing people's natural styles could help improve their overall learning techniques:

  • They can choose or be given, learning experiences to suit their own style to maximise it's effectiveness.
  • Or, an awareness of their weaker areas gives them the opportunity to select learning situations that will improve them

For growth to be enjoyable and challenging, a balanced approach between the two is recommended. So, just have a go!

That's it ! Hope you enjoyed this post!





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