Your New Year Resolution


Making a New Year Resolution on the 1st January, is in my honest opinion, a pledge doomed to fail...

Why is that I hear you ask?

Well, most people wake up hungover from partying too much the night before and make them then. Or, are forced to shoot something out because so many people ask what their's is? If you don't believe me, join a gym on the first week of January, and by the 30th, most new joiners have left. By month 3, only one person is left.

Don't get me wrong, I am in fact a supporter of New Year's Resolutions... but, not of making them in that way. For me, I get started around the 22nd of September because that gives me the last 100 days of the year to hit some major goals, which in turn, slingshots me into the New Year.

So, this year, why not set some goals now for 2014? That way, when you wake up on January 1st with a hangover, you can pour yourself a coffee and know that you are already underway. The goals you set will be real ones and not made under pressure.... so, should also align with your true values.

Whilst setting goals, not only must they be 'SMART', but remember to make them in line with your worthy ideal.

Take full responsibility of the process through:

  • Decisiveness
  • Focus
  • Action
  • Persistence
  • Measurement
  • Success

Success takes no prisoners, so in my opinion, they key to achievement is persistence. You cannot fail, if you do not stop ... so keep working until you get your breakthrough. If you need a little help, then get in touch at info [at] joefizz [dot] com.... I'll be happy to help!

Finally, an achieved goal is a mark of growth and outstanding ability. That means you are even more ready to take on new and even bolder challengers... so, get started today!

Have a great weekend!



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