Your preferred learning style.


I am continuing on the personal development route this week and want to talk to you about your 'preferred learning style'.

Why is this important?

Well, if you are in IM and are learning new things, it's best to choose the approach that's best suited to your 'preferred learning style'.

David A.Kolb identified 4 different methods, which became known as 'Kolb's Learning Cycle':

  • Act - Learning new things by doing. Can be very powerful in that  experience is first hand. However, to prevent the actions becoming dated, there is a need to...
  • Reflect - To review the actions taken. It's best to do this continually... but, as a minimum after the event and with the benefit of a colleague to avoid your familiar trains of thoughts returning. This identifies your areas of weakness to work on next.
  • Learn - How to improve. When acting and reflecting have identified that changes would be beneficial, then the learning now provides the required tools for you to...
  • Adapt - Familiar tasks are now done with a new approach, which combines the best theory and pragmatic solutions to provide an answer to a given situation. That means that nothing is rushed for short term results and instead using 'KOLB's Learning Cycle' will lead to a thoughtful, flexible approach, grounded in experience, which in turn enables swift and appropriate decision making.


So why is this relevant to you?

You need to take 10 minutes to see where you are. Are your current thoughts fixed and inflexible. If so, you'll get what you got. Pin down where you are and use Kolb's theory to improve your decision making and thus skyrocket your income!

I'll be back next week, when I'll add a little spice to Kolb's theory.... personalities!!!! OMG...

Until then...





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